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St Joseph Parish is starting two separate email lists. These lists will send information out to anyone who subscribes to the emaillist. One list will be an announcement type list. This list sends the weekly church bulletin and other messages that the pastor wants distributed. The other list will be a prayer chain list. Members of this list will be able to send a message to the list requesting the members of the list to pray for an intention. The requests will be emailed to each subscriber on a daily basis. You can sign up for one or both of the lists.

To join the lists please fill in the form and click submit, or call the parish office 275 2512 and leave a message to be added to the email lists, which list you want to be added to, your name, and email address, or write down the same information and leave it in the collection basket.

If for any reason you decide at a later date to cancel your subscription, instructions on how to do this can be found on the topica website ( and they will be emailed to you with your welcome message when you join the list-server.



Email Address:

please check the box of the email list you want to join. You can click one or both.

Announcement List                           Prayer Chain